Time Period 1 – The “Pre-United States” Days (1513-1774)

What good could ever come out of people who were bought and taken miles away from their homes as slaves, to an unknown land? Did they ever stand a chance of survival?

  • In this time period, you will discover how people who were perceived as nothing but slaves were able to stand equally intelligent as every other human.
  • You will also learn how severely they suffered a loss of human dignity, loss of their freedom, and in some cases, suffered death in a strange land.
  • This time period also reveals how, in spite of their ordeal, they still stood out as a race in literature, arts, science, math, and every other aspect of life, even in a strange land. Not only did they stand out, but they were also a significant part of the attainment of the independence of today’s United States of America. What was the journey to change like? What did their freedom cost? Did it really give them the change they desired?
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