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These Untold Stories courses will enrich your understanding of American History and especially Americans of African Descent, proving not only knowledge but also an appreciation and respect for individuals who have given so much to this great nation for hundreds of years. Improve the way you communicate, interact and engage with others.

Research has shown knowledge of the contributions and sacrifices of Africans throughout history here in American helps to counter white supremacy propaganda, which is an excellent step toward ending racism and uniting our nation.

Quality Content

The content of these historical stories has been verified for accuracy and satisfies the scrutiny of nationally recognized African American Historians.

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These courses are self-paced, which allows you to start and stop at any time on any device and as often as necessary to accommodate your schedule.

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A certificate will be awarded automatically when you complete any lesson. These certificates prove you understand the information.

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Important Contribution
I have read and reviewed African American History: The Untold Story and I endorse it because it provides an excellent primer for educators as well as students.  It is an important contribution to scholarship surrounding African American History and provides concise highlights of important events in the Americas over the centuries since the arrival of enslaved from Africa.
Teachers and students can learn basic facts of American history so they can understand the foundation of current conditions that exist in the United States of America. The extensive list of references affords great opportunities for pursue additional studies in African American history.
James HarrisPresident of New Jersey Black Educators, former President New Jersey NAACP State ConferenceNew Jersey Black Educators