Epic Journey

Yvette takes the reader on an epic journey through Black History.  Young and old will be engaged and embark on a journey of self-discovery with surprising results. I think it will spark all readers to want to know more.  It is an easy read and a snapshot into our past and present providing an honest and insightful look at our history.  I found her fluid prose and questions insightful and thought provoking challenging me to discover more.

George MartinChairman of the Board Urban League of Morris CountyUrban League of Morris CountyMorristown, New Jersey
I learned so much!

This course was well worth the money!

Amelia PersonSecretarySmart Bros.Round Rock, TX
Important Contribution

I have read and reviewed African American History: The Untold Story and I endorse it because it provides an excellent primer for educators as well as students.  It is an important contribution to scholarship surrounding African American History and provides concise highlights of important events in the Americas over the centuries since the arrival of enslaved from Africa.
Teachers and students can learn basic facts of American history so they can understand the foundation of current conditions that exist in the United States of America. The extensive list of references affords great opportunities for pursue additional studies in African American history.

James HarrisPresident of New Jersey Black Educators, former President New Jersey NAACP State ConferenceNew Jersey Black Educators
Make More Courses!

This was so fun I’d really like to learn about more history subjects!

Candice LaneCEOLearningonline.comPortland, OR
Historical Stories

Ms. Long’s historical stories will resonate loudly in both the African American Communities and educational community.  It is a treat for lovers of history and provides a new perspective on Black History with key questions at the end of each chapter.
This is work of love and an educational journey for many readers.   I found myself fascinated and loving this work.  She provides an exciting romp through the varied and sometimes surreal landscape of American and African American history.   A well-researched journey that many of us have heard whispers of but never saw.  She brings the truth to us all about what we contributed.

Brian ShawParentRandolph, New Jersey
False Narratives Unveiled

I have truly enjoyed reading “The UntoldStories”.  For many years the truth has been buried and false narratives about African American history have prevailed, until now.  It’s thrilling to see your passion to communicate a perspective to our children that isn’t currently taught in schools.  I would certainly recommend ALL Students across America read it to understand the true history.

Kathryn KnightAward Winning Author & HistorianFlorida