Time Period 2 – The New Country (1775-1800)

Not only did they put their lives at a risk, some African Americans lost their lives to fighting for the independence of their colony. And what did they get in return?

  • In this time period, you will see how the Americans of African descent actively participated in the revolution that led to the independence of the colony. You will also see how this was a step toward ending the prevalent practice of slavery against them. Was it a successful move?
  • This time period also uncovers a different fight to freedom that had just started for the Americans of African descent. This time, the fight was just a race against an ideology that had held so many in bondage for a long time; a race against the practice that had continuously ruined families, love, and life; a race versus slavery. When the leadership and even the constitution of the newly formed state were not in their favor, what was to be hoped for?
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