Time Period 3 – Antebellum And The Civil War (1801-1865)

The more the government and the white Americans kept working against the freedom of the African Americans, the harder the African Americans fought against their slavery; they fought every way, with everything.

  • In this time period, you would discover what challenges accompanied the African Americans at the peak of their journey to freedom in the United States. You would learn how it was characterized by numerous deaths of remarkable abolitionists, several bloody slaves revolts, the secession of some parts of the independent state, which led to a civil war and ultimately, the loss of thousands of lives.
  • You would also realize that their fights were not just in arms and ammunitions. Instead, the African Americans also used their arts and science as notable weapons.
  • In this time period, you would know if in the end, all these sufficed to grant the race freedom from servitude. Were they going to sing a new song? Was their life of misery about to come to an end? Find out in the pages of this time period.
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