Time Period 4 – Reconstruction (1866-1900)

After the African- Americans had the victory of illegalizing slavery in the United States of America, there was yet another fight they had to win. In fact, the outcome of this fight either gave essence to their initial victory or not.

  • In this period, you would learn how eventually, the phrase ‘All men are born equal’ gradually began to become a reality to African Americans.
  • You would also find out that their journey had however not come to an end.Although the fight had ended and the freedom of the African Americans had been guaranteed at the national level, they had just started another journey which was going to take donkey years.
  • You would learn how they went through the journey to recognizing, enforcing and expanding their freedom, at local levels, amongst all and sundry. Was this also characterized by bloodshed and bloody revolutions? What was their weapon this time around? This time period encapsulates these, and so much more.
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