Time Period 5 – The Road To Greater Equality (1901-1976)

The resilience of the African- American race is highly commendable. Against all odds, they consistently fought for the implementation of their Civil rights in law and in action, and succeeded.

  • In this time period, you would find out how extreme racism played out in the United States against the African- Americans. It was a period where they contended, not against slavery, rather, against hatred by the whites. This hatred for the race by the whites reflected in every aspect of their lives. From language, when the whites referred to them as ‘colored’, to employment, where they were the last to be employed but the first to be laid off; from education opportunities, to the violent attacks they had on different occasions.
  • However, not only will this time period tell you about the ordeal of the African Americans, it also explains their fight against it. Like the biblical history of the Israelites, the more they suffered, the stronger they became. They excelled in sports, arts, literature, music and the little opportunities they could lay their hands on, which in some instances, gained international recognition. What was their defense strategy?
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