Time Period 6 – The Age of Reckoning (1977-2019)

From chains, and shackles to freedom; from hate and abuse, to love and justice; from rejection to acceptance and support. This was the progressive story of the African Americans in the United States.

  • In this time period, you would learn how the African Americans finally became victorious after their fights for the revolution for the independence of today’s United States of America, to the wars for the end of their servitude, to their fight against racism.
  • In this time period, you would also discover the instrumentality of one strong weapon, which was not just a defense mechanism but also the winning mechanism for the African Americans.
  • You would learn what this weapon was and how it led to a total turnaround and change in the mindset of the majority of the whites in the United States of America, during this period. Although it did not become the perfect world where blacks and whites co-existed like they were actual equals, you would discover that it birthed the beginning of the ‘happily ever after’ the African Americans had long fought for; the one that they had long looked forward to. What was this winning mechanism? To what extent did it turn things around?
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